Carl Binger LMHC

(585) 209-9190

2509 Browncroft Blvd Suite 228 Rochester NY 14625

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Individual Counseling 

Depression can be a dreadful condition to have, even in its mildest form. On top of this, there are many barriers and stigmas attached to this disorder, some that comes internally from the individual, and some that comes externally from those outside. I am here to help those who are depressed, navigate this challenging time in their lives. I am here to let you know you are not alone and there is help available. My first step in helping individuals with depression is to evaluate what could be contributing to the person's depression, past and presently. Secondly, I evaluate natural solutions and coping skills before looking to additional treatment options.

$80 per 55 minute session. 

Depression Discussion

   The goal of having a depression discussion is to bring awareness of depression to the body of Christ and advocate for those who often suffer in silence.

   The format of the discussion consists mainly of a panel discussion, a Q and A session, and a breakout session

Free of charge 

Financial Hardship

At Luminance Mental Health Counseling I would love for those who make a low income to be able to afford quality counseling. In order to do this, I provide financial hardship assistance in the form of a reduced rate for counseling session for an individual who makes under 35k per year. The condition for this benefit would be that the individual attends counseling at least one time per week. There will be two time slots designated for this service at a cost of $40 per 55-minute counseling session.

To access Financial Hardship form, please go to the "forms" section of this website or click here: