A Morally Perfect Christ should Strengthen our Faith in Him

What does sin do for you? What does sin help you to realize? Does the reality of sin make you draw nearer to God or run farther away from Him? I ask all of this in hopes of eventually encouraging you and me both. It is my hope that this post will serve as an injection of truth to strengthen the faith in your Savior.

In my own reflecting of my sin, as it relates to my relationship with God, one of the most refreshing thoughts that come to my mind is that "God by nature must be an absolutely just, holy, good Being", especially when viewed in light of the Person Jesus. I can't speak for everyone, but for me, when I am in any sort of trail or sin, it is easy to doubt God's goodness, and even His existence at times. There are many reasons to believe in Jesus, whether it be based on historical evidence, or the fact that He claimed to be God and He suffered. However, for the purpose of this blog entry, I want to focus on the fact that He calls us to such a high and holy standard of living because He Himself must be this.

He calls us to a standard, His standard, in which we all fail at reaching outside of Christ's saving mercy. This Christ is a Person who upheld the most upright standard. This Person was and is called beloved and precious in the sight of God. This person is the crown jewel of holiness, right living, mercy, love, peace, humility, and every good thing. So for Jesus to call us to such a high moral standard but then not live it Himself would be absolutely cruel. It is inconceivable to think that such a Person as Jesus would call us to such a standard and then He Himself be evil. It would be appalling to see the same Person who called the Pharisees hypocrites being a hypocrite Himself in terms of God's standard. It would be a travesty for Jesus to accuse the Pharisees of blaspheming the Holy Spirit while He Himself doing that very thing.

All this to say, Jesus is a good God and He can't do evil. There is no darkness found in Him at all (1 John 1:5). Jesus is so good that He commands us to be good and do good all the time (Matt 5:48). He can do this because He is good and does good all the time. We can't do this without Him. This is why He came to die for those who place their trust in Him. Even after doing so, He calls us to this high standard of living, but this time, with His help. So friend, family member in Christ, be encouraged. God is good, Jesus is good. No matter what you are going through, no matter how you feel, it does not change the fact that Jesus is good. He can only do good and He desires to do only good. Do you trust Him? Will you trust Him? Will you draw near to Him as the standard of all Good? I believe He would want you to do so.



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