God's Justice and Love

Think with me for a moment if you have a child or children. I'm assuming you love them and would do almost anything for them. You care for their well being and wish the best for them. You hurt when they hurt, and you are happy when they are happy.

Now imagine for a second that God the Father, who is infinitely loving, holy, just, and righteous, pouring His wrath on His Son who is equally all of these attributes. Now get this, the Father is doing this to His Son for people who are not loving, holy, just, or righteous at all, and by nature, deserving of His wrath.

When we think of our love for our child we then get a tiny glimpse of how much God must love His Son Jesus and those who He came to redeem. Imagine pouring your wrath on your child for people who are not just morally neutral, or somewhat good, but downright evil to the core and hate you and your child.

We love to think about our pain and sadness in this life, and these things are not to be ignored, but what about what Jesus went through to secure His people’s salvation? Do we reflect on Him? Do we stop to think that God knew no suffering or sin and endured it for the people who will trust Him?

Some may be tempted to say, “well why did God create us knowing that we would fall” or “How could He allow this evil to befall mankind?” It is here that we can only look at scripture and know that God is not just a loving God, but a just God as well. He loves justice just as much as He loves loving people. Not one of God’s attributes are higher than the other. In His holy perfections, He is loving and just among many other things.

So, love God who loves you, if you have an ear to hear, so you don’t have to experience the justice His Son had to experience.

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