How Jesus Counseled and What You Should Look for in a Good Counselor

Updated: Jul 20

Jesus is a wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6).

None of us can or ever will live up to a speck of what He is and what He offers in the form of counseling. By His grace though, we can make an impact. It may be a small impact or it may be a great one, but let's remember where our help comes from.

The passage I would like to look at today is found in Luke 24:13-28. I have never heard this passage as a counseling passage but as I read it, it was clear that Jesus employed His kind, compassionate, and counseling ministry to these discouraged men.

So without putting the whole passage here, I wanted to highlight how Jesus counseled the men well, and how we should approach counseling.

1. He was intentional about His care as He drew near (verse 15)

They didn't have to look for Him. He came after them, much like when he went after the lunatic (with the legion of demons) and many others. While Jesus was and is the most approachable Person there is, He will still pursue His children and people who have yet put their faith in Him.

2. He listened well (Verse 19-24)

Jesus let the men talk without cutting them off. He was able to accurately reflect the situation well after gathering information from the men.

3. He encouraged with Scripture (verse 27)

The source of spiritual encouragement can only come from a spiritual source which is God and His word (2 Tim 3:16-17).

4. He asked questions (Verse 17, 26)

Jesus employed this practice of asking questions throughout His entire ministry. As any good teacher does, He asks really good questions to get the student to think deeply.

5. He challenged them (Verse 25-26)

These men were very sad but the sadness could have been somewhat alleviated had they thought about the truths related to Jesus' situation more appropriately and had their eyes fixed on Jesus.

6. He allowed for vulnerability (Verse 17)

Jesus didn't say "listen chumps you need to man up and stop being soft." Jesus provided a space for these men to be sad, and in due time, moved to encourage them.

7. He took time to spend with them (verse 27, 29)

It must have took some time to go through all those books of the Bible but then on top of that, He went to their home when they asked Him to stay. At no time do you get the sense that Jesus was in a rush to go or did not value these men's time.

Jesus is not called wonderful counselor in vain. We can learn from this beautiful Person in how we treat our fellow man and woman daily.

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