Husband love your Wife as Christ loved the Church

Ephesians 5 is a very, very beautiful scripture passage.

This passage teaches us many things, but I would like to draw our attention to two truths:

First, this passage teaches us that if a husband will love his wife, as Christ loved the Church, with pleasing Christ as his focus, there is no doubt that his wife will submit to him the way that God describes here. The wife, nor the husband, will be perfect by any means, but these truths will indeed play out in a Christ centered marriage in a small or large degree. I would venture to say that, to the degree that the husband is pouring out his life for his wife, who loves Christ as well, is the degree that the husband will see this respect and submission spoken of in this Chapter. This word submission is often misunderstood by Christians and non-Christians alike. This submission of a wife that we see in Ephesians 5 is not some fearful terror from a wife who is scared of her husband, but it is response to a man who is constantly willing to lay down his life for His wife. Husbands, if you want your wife to submit to you then love her like Christ loves us and gave himself for us and watch how she adores you.

Secondly, this passage teaches us that the greatest burden of love falls on the Husband. It’s interesting to note that this passage has a longer job description for the man, but most importantly, Christ calls the husband to love his wife as Christ loved His own church. After reading through the New Testament it is pretty clear that Christ took on a greater burden than His wife, the church, and as a result His wife responds in love to what her Husband has done. So, a marriage is the constant laying down of life by the husband for his wife and the wife responding to this laying down of life with respect and submission.

How much would our marriages thrive if husbands loved their spouse like Christ loved the church and wives respected their husbands as the church respects Christ?



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