Negative Thoughts That May Come as you Seek Help for Depression

Updated: Jul 20

Some of the thoughts that raced through my mind as I considered getting help for depression:

1. If you get help or take medications, people will think you are crazy.

2. You are not trusting God.

3. You are weak if you seek help.

4. You are not man enough if you seek help.

5. You are not reading your bible, praying enough, or you are sinning in some sort of way that you don’t know of.

Keep in mind that if you are of a Christian faith, numbers 2 and 5 could indeed be possible reasons you are dealing with depression. However, after you have done self-examination, and had other trusted family and friends investigate your life, it may be time to consider seeking professional help/opinion.

What are some thoughts, barriers, stigmas that you dealt with in seeking help for depression?

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