If Depression was a Person

Depression can often feel very tangible yet be invisible.

For those of you who have known the deepest darkness of depression you know the description that will soon follow is not an exaggeration.

I write this not discourage a person with depression any further.

You need no additional burdens my friend.

I write to tell you: I know your pain. I have been there.

There are people in this now. You are not alone.

I hope that this brief description of depression will also serve to help non depressed people understand the often misunderstood misery, and the dark hole, that a depressed person is often faced with daily.

On with the description then shall we?

Where do I start?

If depression were a person, I am convinced, it would the vilest of persons. it would be closely related to Hitler or the worst slave master.

If it were a demon, surely it would be in the highest ranks of Satan's army.

Depression, in fact, inflicts pain on some of God’s already wounded soldiers.

It comes with it's poisonous dark thoughts and it's heavy black chains.

It pierces with its fiery darts and subjects it’s members to constant pain, be it

emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

It is an all-encompassing darkness, that depression is.

To rid this world of depression would cause great rejoicing across this globe.

To erase just a hint of it would make the most miserable person smile and say to a stranger "hello dear friend, may God’s grace please shine on you as it has on me”.



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