A News Story I was in regarding Race relations and Mental Health


Why are we ignoring Mental Health?

Why God Why Podcast Episode-Why are we ignoring mental health and discussion around race relations and the police. 





Why am I so depressed? 

This was a podcast episode I had the wonderful

opportunity to be a part of. Big shout out to Why God Why! If you, or someone you know, struggles with depression I would strongly encourage you to listen to this.







RestoreNY Zoom Session

Ladies and Gentlemen, come check out the recent RestoreNY Talk Therapy episode! We talk depression, faith, and the minority community and mental health.


A Brief interview on Faith and Mental Health

Therapist Alaina Brubaker hosted me for a brief talk regarding Faith and Mental Health and how the two can work together. 

Coming soon! 

My first book on my own experience in dealing with depression.


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