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My first book on my own experience in dealing with depression. Read what people are saying who have read early manuscripts of the book: 

"In regards to the poems, I love them. I thought that they were well written and I honestly feel like they do a good job in describing what depression is like."

                         -Dr. Dyona Augustin

"I'm enjoying what I have read thus far. Your honesty in sharing your story and your feelings throughout your journey is amazing. It's something I don't remember reading in other writing that approaches the topic of depression. It's real and raw and very refreshing in that you talk about this tension and wrestling with your mental health while still being a believer. The church doesn't deal with the issue in such a real way."

                                   -Kevin Wilson

"Overall, this was really great. I felt so understood, and like we've known each other for quite some time. I think people will really feel connected and not alone. You really show how God was working through this dark time in your life, and how He was there with you while you even when you didn't "feel" His presence. So glad for the work of God in your life brother. This was a blessing for sure, and I know it will be for so many others."

                                        -Dan Forte

"I found it is encouraging for those going through the hell of depression and enlightening about what the writer has gone through in his life"

                                    -Mike Descov



Would you like to look fresh, while supporting 2 local businesses, and promoting mental health? Consider purchasing this collaborative art piece done by The Boomtown Creative and Luminance Mental Health. You can purchase your own by clicking here.  

"Carl does a wonderful job of walking the reader through his battle and eventual mental health victory. His honest account of struggling with depression and faith is descriptive enough that I think many people, particularly men, struggling would feel like they're not alone.”                            

-Dr. LaRonda Starling


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